Sorana & Ionut wedding

Weddings are a celebration of love, but not just the couple’s love. It’s those warm fuzzy feelings of including everyone in their special day and choosing who to share these new beginnings with. Sorana and Ionut’s friends and families had a blast until dawn in a wonderful wedding venue in Bucharest.

adminSorana & Ionut wedding
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Bianca & Cristi wedding

Elegance and sophisticated details were the main theme for Bianca and Cristi’s wedding. A delicate couple, chic décor and soft emotions are the elements that made this wedding simply gorgeous.

adminBianca & Cristi wedding
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Mara’s Baptism

Mara’s baptism was an intimate celebration at the top of the mountains. A sweet baby girl, pink powdered elements, lots of kids running around, in a beautiful cottage.

adminMara’s Baptism
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Sara & Rares wedding

When wedding photographers work with brides and grooms, they are inspired by their stories. These stories help them guide their clients towards their vision. Enjoy the summer romance of these two wonderful young people.

adminSara & Rares wedding
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Sofie & Theo wedding

17 nationalities from 7 countries, mixed traditions, lots of surprises from the guests, adorable humorous moments and unexpected elements, resulting in a flavorful wedding.

adminSofie & Theo wedding
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Claudia & George wedding

Claudia and George, two young and beautiful people who ran away from the crowded city and found a quiet place for their wedding near Brasov. At the edge of the mountains they had a lovely party with their close family and friends.

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them.

This is their story.

adminClaudia & George wedding
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Brigitte & Mihai wedding

You’ve probably heard of that magic moment of seeing each other for the first time at your wedding ceremony, when you walk down the aisle. This glance meant a lot to Brigitte and Mihai, cause once they saw each other, everything else made sense. This turned into a long-lasting connection that resulted in heartfelt photos throughout the day.

adminBrigitte & Mihai wedding
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Corina & Mihai wedding

Weddings are one amazing occasion for couples to shine, through their most intimate desires. Expressing yourself is what truly matters, so bring on your style and mix all the elements that make both of you happy. Enjoy the ride, for we are here to capture your magic happening.

adminCorina & Mihai wedding
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Amalia & Catalin wedding

If you’re a fan of fairy tale wedding you may just want to pull up a chair. Amalia and Catalin wanted a trip to a world of princes and princesses, golden chariots, magical gates leading to fairy realms, and, of course, all the loved ones. The garden of Mogosoaia Palace was the perfect place for their event.

adminAmalia & Catalin wedding
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