Forest industrial wedding – Padurile Regale Bucuresti

This forest wedding had it all. Live music, friends, family and lots of emotions. We love nothing more than a good outdoor ceremony, especially one that’s in a forest. That’s exactly what Alina and Tudor did for their wedding. Almost straight out of a movie set, the details and decorative elements all came together for a perfect picture celebration.
It truly was a magical day and we want to let the photos take it from here.

adminForest industrial wedding – Padurile Regale Bucuresti
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Gabi, Cristi, Ema & Remus family photo session

We LOVE the uniqueness of each and every family: each family member has a unique personality and perspective, and we love the family dynamics when everyone gets together to have a good time. Our favorite family photos always end up being the ones from really great days we spent together. And that’s what we want to create with you.

The experience of love begins in childhood, even before you remember. So far, these emotions and moments that will connect as a family can easily be relived with a photo session with the little ones.

adminGabi, Cristi, Ema & Remus family photo session
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Dana & Marius wedding

It was a sunny summer morning, just perfect for unwinding and for the ladies to get ready. Champagne, cupcakes and a beautiful church ceremony. An elegant venue, with breathtaking flower centerpieces and a very engaging music band.

This was Dana and Marius’s wedding day: an elegant Romanian summer wedding. A day we were happy to have been a part of. A story we are hereby telling.

adminDana & Marius wedding
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Dana & Marius wedding on Danube River

Memories of the bride:

From the beginning, we knew we wanted our wedding day to be a reflection of us, and not necessarily a traditional or formal event. We imagined a day that was a delicate balance between intimate and spectacular, wild and familiar, understated and magical. When we discovered our location near the Danube River we knew right away that this was where we wanted to get married, and where we wanted to share this day with our friends and family.

adminDana & Marius wedding on Danube River
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ASV family photo session

When you look at a field of dandelions, you can either see a hundred weeds or a hundred wishes.

It’s intriguing to discover how children see the world. We love to photograph them, as they are so spontaneous and joyful. Achim is a cheerful baby boy who enjoyed every moment with his parents in the dandelion field.

adminASV family photo session
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Cezar’s baptism

On a sunny day, in his parents’ loving arms, Cezar received God’s blessing and a became a Christian.  Joy, love, beautiful parents and a white teddy bear, these are all small parts of his story.

adminCezar’s baptism
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Sorana & Valentin photo session

Some couples are deeply rooted in traditions, family history and national pride. Meet Sorana and Valentin, a pair with maybe one of the most amazing vibes, matched only by these inherited folk costumes. Valention is a Moldavian guy full of life and Sorana a Transylvanian clever girl. A tale of nature, landscapes and new traditions.

adminSorana & Valentin photo session
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Sorana & Ionut wedding

Weddings are a celebration of love, but not just the couple’s love. It’s those warm fuzzy feelings of including everyone in their special day and choosing who to share these new beginnings with. Sorana and Ionut’s friends and families had a blast until dawn in a wonderful wedding venue in Bucharest.

adminSorana & Ionut wedding
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Bianca & Cristi wedding

Elegance and sophisticated details were the main theme for Bianca and Cristi’s wedding. A delicate couple, chic décor and soft emotions are the elements that made this wedding simply gorgeous.

adminBianca & Cristi wedding
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Mara’s Baptism

Mara’s baptism was an intimate celebration at the top of the mountains. A sweet baby girl, pink powdered elements, lots of kids running around, in a beautiful cottage.

adminMara’s Baptism
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