Gabi, Cristi, Ema & Remus family photos

We LOVE the uniqueness of each and every family: each family member has a unique personality and perspective, and we love the family dynamics when everyone gets together to have a good time. Our favorite family photos always end up being the ones from really great days we spent together. And that’s what we want to create with you.

The experience of love begins in childhood, even before you remember. So far, these emotions and moments that will connect as a family can easily be relived with a photo session with the little ones.

Fotografie Familie

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Still LightGabi, Cristi, Ema & Remus family photos

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  • Gabriela - May 16, 2018 reply

    Ce distractiv a fost! Copiii noștri sunt o adevărată provocare dar voi cumva ați reușit să le captati atentia și a ieșit o ședință minunata! Voi sunteți niște oameni faini, calzi, atenti la detalii si cu lipici la copii, așa ca va recomand cu drag tuturor oricând. Mulțumim mult Alex și Oana! (Ps. Remus încă mai rade de întâmplarea cu oile 🙂 )

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